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NDIS Registered: Empowering Independence

Peggs Handy Lines stand as an ingenious laundry solution, tailor-made for the unique needs of those facing mobility challenges or living with disabilities.

NDIS Registered Provider: Streamlined Plan Integration

As an esteemed NDIS Registered Provider, Peggs offers a seamless integration of Handy Lines into your NDIS plans. Our commitment to improving daily living skills and building capacity aligns perfectly with the NDIS ethos.

Ordering Handy Lines for NDIS participants is straightforward – we offer direct processing through our website to expedite the provision of these essential tools. For plan-managed individuals, we offer the convenience of direct invoicing to the approved funding authority; and for NDIA-managed participants, we seamlessly manage payments through the NDIA portal on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

We believe that the power to choose should rest with the individuals who matter most – the NDIS participants themselves. All Peggs Handy Lines and accessories can be conveniently ordered under either the Assistive Technology (Capital Supports budget) or Consumables (Core Supports budget) categories, and are classified as low-cost items, eliminating the requirement for approval from a medical professional.

geat2GO Supplier Partnership

Australian geat2GO is an initiative under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), aimed at assisting older individuals to remain comfortably in their homes and communities for an extended period, fostering independence and well-being.

Peggs is your trusted geat2GO supplier, and can offer more choice and more opportunities to provide assistive technology equipment to empower the lives of elderly Australians and those living with disability or mobility challenges.

Approved and Trusted Solutions

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our product approvals. Peggs Handy Lines hold the esteemed approval of both Allianz Global Assistance and MyAgedCare, highlighting their credibility as trusted assistive devices.

Allianz Global Assistance: A National Partner for Veterans

Peggs Handy Lines are nationally recognised by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (DVA) Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP).

Specifically registered under Item Number AH17 of the RAP Schedule, these lines are classified as Adaptive Household Appliances. They play a pivotal role in supporting clients in performing everyday household tasks and enable them to remain in the comfort of their own homes for an extended duration.

Rehabilitation Specialists and Independent Living Practitioners frequently prescribe Peggs Handy Lines and their accessories as integral components of health treatment plans.

These solutions reduce the impact of clients’ disabilities or mobility challenges, enhance their quality of life, and empower them to live safely and independently.

Home Care Package Inclusivity

For individuals in receipt of a full ACAT Assessment and Level 1 – 4 funding, we have good news. Peggs Handy Lines and their accessories are eligible for purchase as part of the Home Care Package.

This inclusion ensures that a wider range of clients can access the benefits of Peggs’ innovative solutions, further enriching their daily lives.

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