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Frequently Asked Questions

The Peggs Handy Line is Australia's favourite clothesline, designed and built to last. Innovative and reliable, the Handy Line has been designed using best-in-class materials and construction techniques to deliver a product that's easy-to-use, and efficiently dries your clothes, sheets and towels.

Do you, or anyone else who will be using the handy line, have any physical disabilities or limitations that could affect strength or mobility?

If your answer to the above question is Yes: The Classic range is lighter in weight than the Deluxe range, and has the added option of the Easy 8 Handy Line in this range. With a lower line level, the Easy 8 is ideal for those with upper mobility issues and in wheelchairs, as well as being balcony compliant.

If your answer to the above question is No: the difference is the colour and appearance of the Handy Line. The Classic range, white and cool grey in colour, is the upgraded modern version of the original Handy Line released in 1995. The Deluxe range has sleek molded legs, enhanced leg bracing, a smooth folding mechanism and is gunmetal grey in colour, which has a more contemporary feel compared to the Classic range.

The model number represents how many lines the portable clothesline has; for example the Deluxe 10 has 10 lines for drying your laundry.

The Handy Line is only available direct from us via this store. Head to our product page to browse our full range and complete your order.

You can also order by FREECALL 1800 111 811.

The Handy Line can handle a full load of washing, including your larger items like bedsheets. The large line offers 16 metres of usable line space, and the small line 11.5 metres. The lines are well spaced to reduce clothes being too close together, which speeds the drying process. Refer to the production specifications to find out more.

Not at all – being powder coated aluminium, the Handy Lines are very lightweight and very easy to lift and move. The Handy Lines range from 3.2kgs to 3.8kgs.

Absolutely! The Handy Line is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Our Handy Lines are also portable and light weight so you can even take them camping or caravanning.

The Handy Line is very stable, but if you're getting some gusty conditions, you can just use the anchoring strap to secure it to a heavy object. See our how to video on How to secure your Handy Line.

The Handy Line has been specially designed to withstand the elements – rain, hail or shine! The design is durable: every nut, bolt and washer is stainless steel, the main bar, cross bars and legs are powder coated (oven treatment) aluminium and the clothesline is pvc covered plaited fiber (not plastic coated wire) making the product weather and rust proof. The Handy Line is also used often by people who travel and camp.

During cool and wet weather, the Handy Line can be used indoors to capitalise on indoor heating, and your washing is dry by morning. By using the Handy Line, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for an electric dryer, resulting in savings on energy bills and helping your clothes to last much longer.

The Handy Line folds away flat nicely for easy storage. It can be stored behind a door, on a wall and in many other small spaces. It can also be stored in many vehicles for use on your trips.

Check out some Handy Info videos:

How to fold your Deluxe Handy Line

How to Unfold Your Deluxe Handy Line

How to Fold Your Classic Handy Line

How to Unfold Your Classic Handy Line

These how to videos show you how you can easily fold and unfold your Handy Line.

The Handy Line is effective and efficient in drying your clothes, towels and sheets, helping you to rely less on your dryer. This ultimately is kinder to the Earth, reducing your carbon footprint and reducing pressure on energy sources.

Yes! This can be easily done by undoing the knot at the end gently pushing down progressively towards the knot and re-tie.