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How to Unfold Your Deluxe Handy Line

Learn how to set up and use a Peggs Handy Lines portable clothesline to easily hang heavy laundry. Find out the essentials for a successful laundry game!
clothing hanging on a Deluxe 10 Handy line portable clothesline

Peggs Handy Lines are strong, portable clotheslines that are easy to use. They're weather resistant, so you don't have to worry about rust marks on your clothes. They're lightweight, so you can easily fold them up for storage or leave them outside. Whether you're hanging laundry to dry or need a quick and easy way to hang clothes while traveling in a caravan or camping, Peggs portable clotheslines are a great solution.

Setting Up Your Portable Clothesline

When you are ready to start drying and you need to unfold your Peggs Deluxe 8 or Deluxe 10; here's how to do it in a few easy steps:

  • Disengage the leg by pulling it down until it clicks into place
  • Repeat on the other end of the line. Ensure both legs are firmly clicked in place

Now you are ready to hang out with Peggs! It's time to get your laundry game on and make sure you have all the essentials: a Peggs Basket, a Peg Bag and some Pegs! With these items in hand, you can easily leave your pegs on the clothesline so they're always handy. This is especially helpful for those with mobility issues or arthritis sufferers who may find it difficult to bend down and pick up pegs. So grab your gear and let’s go—it’s time for some laundry fun!

Easily Hang Heavy Laundry

When you want to hang out heavy items of laundry like woolen underlay blankets and normal blankets they aren’t a problem with Peggs Handy Lines. The items can be “tented” over the top of the line, they dry quickly because of the air flow all around them.

We suggest that a clean dry sheet be placed underneath so that any dust that maybe on the clothesline will not soil the fabric. Then add four hand towels, folded into quarters and place under the sheet on each corner of your portable clothesline it will alleviate the heavy items taking on the shape of the end bars.

When taking quilts and other heavy laundry items off the portable clothesline, fold the corners into the centre of the clothesline and lift off.