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Classic Range 2

How to Fold Your Deluxe Handy Line

Save money on electricity, help the planet and protect your laundry with Peggs portable clotheslines. Get tips on folding & storing, plus how to hang quilts & covers safely and efficiently.
Woman hanging up clothing on a portable clothesline

If you're looking for an easy, cost-effective way to dry your clothes without using electricity, then look no further than Peggs Handy Lines! Our Deluxe 10 Handy Line is the largest in in the deluxe range- It’s so easy to “pull the plug” on your electric dryer and use a Peggs portable clothesline!

Not only will it save you money, but it's also better for your clothes and our planet.

Deluxe Handy Line Fold Away

When you have finished drying and you need to fold away your Peggs Deluxe 8 or Deluxe 10 for storage; here's how to do it in a few easy steps:

  • Squeeze the lever and move the leg forward
  • Lift the leg up.
  • While holding the leg, stand it upright. Push it in place and you will hear a click

Store Your Portable Clothesline

Your Peggs Deluxe Handy Line is now ready to store! You can store it wherever you like and even hang it up with the Deluxe Hooks in charcoal grey. These attach easily to a wall or door, giving you easy access whenever you need it. We want to make your life easier and be able to get organized with these great products.

Drying Quilts and Covers Easily

If you have large items of washing that need to be hung up, such as quilts and covers or doonas, the portable clothesline is a great way to get them dry. To make sure your fabric doesn't take on the shape of the end bars, place a clean dry sheet over it before hanging it up. You can also put four folded hand towels in each corner for extra support. This will ensure that any dust from the clothesline won't soil your fabric either! So next time you want to hang out some larger items of laundry give this method a try!