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How to Secure Your Handy Line

Secure your Peggs Handy Line Classic or Deluxe clothesline easily with our anchoring strap. Drying towels or sheets? Use our all weather portable indoor or outdoor clothesline!
Deluxe 10 handy line 1200x630

Secure your Peggs Deluxe or Classic portable clothesline with ease! Our black anchoring strap comes pre-attached when you order, so all you need to do is attach your weighted object and you'll be ready to go. No more worrying about your clothesline blowing away in the wind - we've got it covered!

Securing Your Portable Clothesline Easily

When you have need to secure your Peggs Easy 8, Classic 8, Classic 10, Deluxe 8 or Deluxe 10 portable clotheslines; here's how to do it in a few easy steps:

  • Your anchoring strap will come pre-attached
  • Simply clip on and off for future use
  • Loop the strap around your weighted object* on the ground
  • Use the buckle to tighten and secure the strap which is connected to your weighted object

*We recommend a weighted object of a minimum of 6kg required.

Secure Air-Drying with Your Portable Clothesline

If you're looking for a convenient way to air-dry your clothes, then the portable indoor/outdoor clothesline is just what you need!

Do not place the portable clothesline out in the open on windy days unless it is anchored.

All the Handy Lines come with a strap that can be attached to the loop under the main bar and hooked onto a weighted object. If using on grassed areas, we recommend a tent peg, push the tent peg in at an angle so it doesn't pull out easily. There you go - now your clothes are safe from any sudden gusts of wind!

Drying Bath Towels with Peggs

Hanging your towels on a clothesline is the perfect way to get them dry quickly and naturally. When you hang your bath sheets, make sure to lay them down horizontally on the portable clothesline, just like you would with bed sheets. The sun and gentle breeze will do its magic! If you don't have an outdoor space for a traditional clothesline, a portable Indoor/Outdoor clothesline is perfect for you. It's easy to move around and can get your towels dry in no time. With a little bit of sunshine, your bath sheets will be fluffy and ready for use in no time! Enjoy the natural drying experience!