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Peggs Story

At Peggs, we take pride in our evolution from a portable clothesline specialist to a laundry solutions provider since our inception in 1995. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has driven us to develop a suite of laundry products that cater to the evolving needs of our customers. As we look ahead, we have rebranded ourselves as Peggs with a renewed focus on delivering smarter laundry experiences. We remain dedicated to enhancing your laundry routine and strive to bring you new and exciting products to make doing your laundry easier.

Mrs Peggs Portable Clotheslines were a game-changer for customers

It all began in the early 80's when Patricia Roberts lived overseas in a small unit and needed an efficient way to dry her laundry without stretching long lines across living spaces. After much trial and error, she created a reliable portable clothesline that could be easily folded up and moved around when not in use.

As a result, Patricia founded 'Mrs Peggs Handy Lines' in 1995 with no idea of the overwhelming response that these portable clotheslines would receive. Little did she know that her invention would become so well-loved by customers and inspire real passion for the Mrs Peggs brand.

Mrs Peggs Handy Lines were a game-changer for those living in tight quarters. They no longer had to hang their laundry out windows, across hallways or on clothes airers that would ultimately break, collapse or continuously fall over.

Their lightweight construction made them easy to move around so customers could simply pull out their portable line and secure it in any place that was convenient – indoors or outdoors. This made drying clothes much easier and more efficient while also giving people a sense of freedom and independence. Often customers would stop using their outdoor clotheslines in preference for their Mrs Peggs portable alternatives.

Innovation led to new ownership

Mrs Peggs unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail made them a trusted name in clotheslines over time, helping them build a loyal and passionate customer base. This commitment to using best-in-class materials and construction techniques led the team at Mrs Peggs to start working with the company's new owner, Oswin Gegenhuber, in 2013 to keep improving and innovating.

At the time, Oswin, an engineer who had previously worked at Hills for 20 years, assisted in improving Mrs Peggs manufacturing. The resulting quality improvements were so significant that Mrs Peggs worked exclusively with Oswin and his team for the next 7 years. So when it came to deciding who should take over the reins of Mrs Peggs when the founder was ready to retire in 2019, it seemed only fitting that they sold it to him.

Mrs Peggs would be proud

During his first year, the portable clothesline specialist was eager to learn the ins and outs of the Mrs Peggs business and understand its customers. This led Oswin to develop a vision for Peggs that was bigger than the portable clotheslines on which Mrs Peggs' business was built. He wanted to create an entire suite of laundry products that would make life easier for customers. So, with a few tweaks and some modern touches, the beloved 27-year-old brand was transformed, and Peggs was born.

Peggs's story is about innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction - a legacy that will continue as we develop new products. From portable clotheslines to customisable laundry accessories, Peggs vision is to produce everything you need for a smarter laundry experience. Mrs Peggs would be proud.

For easier laundry, now there's Peggs.

people standing next to a shipping container and Peggs portable clothesline boxes.

The Peggs team celebrating the arrival of our newly branded portable clotheslines and laundry products

Make Laundry a Breeze with Peggs!

Our mission is to make laundry less of a chore and easier for everybody. So we've packed our website with loads of helpful information about our products and ways to help you make your laundry process more efficient. We invite you to have a look around and see what you can find!