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Helpful Resources & Downloads

We're thrilled to provide you with valuable resources to help you learn more about our premium Handy Line® portable clotheslines and make informed decisions. Whether you're a Rehabilitation Specialist, an Independent Living Practitioner, or just a curious shopper, we've got you covered.

For Rehabilitation Specialists and Independent Living Practitioners:

Are you looking for innovative solutions to assist your clients with mobility challenges? Look no further! The Peggs Handy Line® is approved by NDIS and My Aged Care schemes. It’s designed to meet the needs of those with mobility challenges and disabilities. Peggs are committed to making laundry easier for everyone.

Learn more about our NDIS Approval, and how we offer direct processing through our website


Download our informative brochure to explore how our product can enhance the lives of those you care for.

Trifold Flyer:

Want a quick overview of what makes Handy Line® the ultimate portable clothesline? Download our Trifold Flyer! It's a handy reference with key features and benefits of the of Handy Line®, making it easy for anyone to understand why it's the best choice for a portable clothesline.

Pricing Sheets:

Our pricing is competitive, and we offer exceptional value for our premium-quality products. Download our pricing sheets to explore the cost-effective options we provide.

Specification Sheets:

Dig into the nitty-gritty details of Handy Line® with our Specification Sheets. Get insights into the materials we use, dimensions, and all the technical specifications. It's all here for you to make an informed choice.

At Peggs, we're committed to making laundry easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to download any of the resources above to get a better understanding of our products. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We're here to exceed your expectations!

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