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Esme's Deluxe 10: A Farewell to Traditional Washing Line Hassles!

We all know that feeling of wrestling with a massive rotary hoist washing line, especially when it's oversized and seems to take up more space than your backyard. That was Esme's story until she discovered the Deluxe 10 Handy Line from Peggs.
D10 Red Sheets 1

Six months ago, Esme bid farewell to the bulky traditional washing line, and welcomed the joy of effortless laundry.

With the kids out of the house, Esme's laundry loads became more manageable, and the Deluxe 10 became her go-to choice. It's the perfect companion for small loads or those larger ones that include king-size sheets and bath towels. Esme found that the Deluxe 10 Handy Line caters to all her laundry needs with ease.

What Esme truly loves is the portability of the Deluxe 10. If her laundry isn't quite dry in the evening, no worries! She can easily pick up the whole setup and move it inside, clothes and all. No need for the evening routine of taking everything off the line, only to put it back again in the morning. The Deluxe 10 Handy Line has transformed the way Esme approaches laundry, making it not only easier but also less strenuous.

Now, with her laundry under control, Esme has more time for the things she loves. Whether it's riding her bike around the Adelaide Hills, or spending quality moments with her grandchildren, the Deluxe 10 has given her the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

So, if you're ready to bid farewell to the hassle of traditional washing lines and embrace a laundry revolution, just like Esme did, check out the Deluxe 10 Handy Line.

Laundry just got a whole lot better, thanks to Peggs!